Fight against COVID-19 Starts now!

It was around 1.5 years ago when we first launched our 1v1 and 2v2 hubs in FACEIT. Back then we called our hubs Frosty Challenge – Nordic. Sadly for us our hubs never got popularity or any steady player base, so the hubs slowly died.

This all will change now as we are happy to announce that we will relaunch our old hubs under new name: Team Frosty Community League!

Why now? We here at Team Frosty take gaming & esports very seriously and as it is our passion, we want to evolve the Finnish esports scene with every way that we can. Due to latest outbeak of COVID-19 / Corona Virus we also take health of our players, staff and fans really seriously.

These are the main reasons why we want to create hubs for players to enjoy while staying safely at home. Finland has banned meetings for over 10 people, so we want to create fun and social space where all the gamers can meet & play during this lock down time and possibly even after that.

We pledged that we will follow Gamers vs. Covid-19 guidelines as we promised to promote healthy behaviors by modeling responsible behavior within Team Frosty Family.

Full business guidelines you can find here. You can also make the pledge here! Join The Frosty Family as we want to keep you safe with the fun way, playing Counter-Strike!




At the moment we are looking forward of bringing prize pools in near future. We added GAMERS VS COVID-19 MUG to our Reddy Store. 50% of the profit we make from this product will go 100% to the Faceit hubs.

We are also looking for other esports organizations and companies to take the pledge and join us.


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