Team Frosty NHL is back

Time to tie our skates and jump back into the ice as #FrostyNHL is ready for the upcoming ECL and FCL seasons !

We are glad to welcome our new roster into the Frosty Family.

Ali ” SpiderRoyal ” Ibrahim (A)

Miikkael ” MCH_98 ” Henriksson (A)
Niklas “Nikge_89 ” Ahtiainen

Sami ” imosi1 ” Ibrahim (C)
Joni ” jjonij “Jääskeläinen
Niko ” Naikou88 ” Heikkilä
Tomi ” yrjoo ” Nenonen

Team Frosty media team contacted #FrostyNHL captain Sami “Imosi1” Ibrahim to have a quick interview:

What made you choose Team Frosty?

I’ve been following Team Frosty for a while now through my friend Max. Who also is one of the founding members.

When this possibility came to the table, it was quite clear from the beginning, that we want to be a part the organisation and a part of the Frosty family.

We knew the organisation is in good hands and that the organisation is growing all the time.

Also, we knew the organisation is on a good basis.

Have you set any goals for this roster?

We have been playing with most of the guys in SIKA in the past, so the roster already has some history together. I know we have a good team and the team has potential to achieve something good in the upcoming tournaments. I am very happy with our roster.

The roster is a mix of young blood and experience mixed with skilled players. We want to have fun on the ice and off the ice. Everybody in the team is very motivated and wants to improve all the time, so we know that we just need to work for that.

Is there anything you want to say to Team Frosty followers?

We welcome you all to follow our journey and the upcoming games. We will be streaming EASHL games and tournament games actively. The games will be streamed on . We need your support, thank you!

Thank you Sami for the quick interview and good luck with the upcoming seasons!

Very happy to finally announce our roster here at Team Frosty.
We wanted to build a team with players who wants to improve and make this a long project together. I know lot of the guys here and i’m confident for this roster to succeed.

Max “M3izzi” Öhquist – Team Frosty Console Manager

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