New chapter for #FrostyPUBG

Today we are announcing our newly formed PUBG roster as we would like to welcome 3 new players into the Team Frosty Family!

Welcome Jani “jaidho” Pirinen, Elias “elska” Kallio and Joonas ” Reissumies” Siipo. The players will join their captain Jan-Eric “PandaK” Fröjdahl in the PUBG team.

This means that we say goodbye for Pixeli & F1nality as they will be departing Team Frosty.

We asked PandaK how he feels about the new roster and he replied:

” I am exited to welcome new players into our roster and I am glad to welcome youngster Joonas and see how he performs ingame! Whole roster is full of “newcomers” without competitive experience but that doesn’t mean that the players are not motivated! I believe that with my competitive experience I can guide newcomers and give them opportunity show their full potential with this roster.”

New roster will make their debut today as they will be participating in PSL Season 4 Qualifiers.

You can find the roster page here!

Captain PandaK streaming CSGO live from Assembly IS Streamcorner

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