Road to PSL

It was only couple days ago when we announced our new lineup for PUBG introducing new players:  Jani “jaidho” Pirinen, Elias “elska” Kallio and Joonas ” Reissumies” Siipo who joined Jan-Eric “PandaK” Fröjdahl  to compete in PSL Qualifiers over the week.

First games started on Thursday when Team Frosty managed to place 4th in the A qualifiers with 42 points from 6 maps securing spot in the AB qualifier phase.

Next up was AB qualifiers where we started very strongly where we almost secured our “first ” Chicken Dinner in the series but unfortunately Where Team denied the win with amazing nade play killing our last players.

Where Team finishing Team Frosty

Unfortunately for the series placing 2th on first map was our highest placement score of the series as we placed 13, 13, 9, 6 15, 13 & 6 over the series. However we managed to pull really good plays and securing our 45 points from 8 maps by pulling some amazing plays.

We want to really highlight this amazing play from Elska as he managed to clutch couple situations where grim reaper was knocking our doors really hard.

After 8 maps and 1 point difference to Where Team who denied our chicken dinner, we managed to secure our 6th place from the qualifiers and secure our spot for next season of PSL. We asked from Jaidho how he feels about qualifying into the PSL and he replied:

” This feels amazing , Yesterday we excited about the scoring and placements, I am really proud of this young lineup. We have only played together for 2 weeks and still managed to qualify ”

Team Frosty is also proud of the team achieving almost “unreal” goal and we are excited to see what future holds up for this lineup!

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