Team Frosty back in CS

Team Frosty is proud to announce our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster as we sign ex-LOSSI into the Frosty Family!
Frosty CS will compete in ESEA Main, play in finnish qualifiers for LAN and bigger tournaments.

The new roster is:

Jussi “JUS6” Kivistö (AWP/IGL)
Pasi “1xcamel” Mynttinen (Rifle/2nd AWP)
Arvo “arvow” Andersson (Rifle/Anchor)
Antti “Flatti” Leppäkoski (Rifle/Lurker)
Tommi “tomtom” Ilmonen (Rifle/Entry)

We got in touch with Jussi “JUS6” Kivistö to have a quick interview after the signature with Team Frosty:

Tell us about your roster and it’s history?

– We are a group of friends that started to play CS. We participated in ESEA Open and finished well. We got hungry for more success and started to put more hours into the game and our roster.

What kinda goals has your roster set for the future?

– Our goal is to fight for a spot in the ESEA Main playoffs. In Finland we want to fight our way into LAN events and bigger tournaments.

What are your rosters thoughts after signature with Team Frosty?

Awesome to be apart an organisation, so that we can focus fully on playing and have all the rest taken care off.

Any message from the roster to all Team Frosty followers?

– Please come cheer and follow our games!

Team Frosty can’t wait to see the new roster in action at Telia Esports Series CS:GO – 2019 Season 2 – Open Qualifier 1 on the 12th of August.

– After a long search for a team, I am happy to have signed a team that is very skilled and has potential to win anyone.

– Matti “DinamO” Pussinen, Team Frosty CSGO Manager

– We here at Team Frosty are really glad to have such a potential CSGO team competing under our banner.
We are really excited to see what the future holds for Team Frosty

– Semih “SEM” Sahin, Team Frosty CEO and Owner

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