PUBG Roster 2019 – 2020.

Back in October 17. 2019 we announced our newly refreshed PUBG lineup: Jani “jaidho” Pirinen, Elias “elska” Kallio and Joonas ” Reissumies” Siipo.  & Jan-Eric “PandaK” Fröjdahl. The roster that we announced included 3 new players who joined PandaK on the road to become first Frosty lineup ever to qualify into the PSL (PUBG Suomiliiga).

We had group of newcomers to competitive scene, players without any team experience and everyone expect us thought that we could not make that journey.

We proved everyone wrong.

Almost the unreal goal was made real by these hungry players.

However entering the PSL Season we had some up and downs. Some misunderstandings and differences inside the team. Despite the differences team was willing to fight their journey trough PSL but slowly we realized that some changes needed to be made.

We agreed to play the remaining season with this roster, but it was clearly for us that we needed to make some roster changes after the season.

So yesterday we said goodbye to our player Jani “jaidho” Pirinen who is now able to seek other opportunities as he will be free agent from now on.

And today we are informing that Jan-Eric “PandaK” Fröjdahl will be also leaving Team Frosty PUBG roster. However PandaK will continue in Team Frosty as streamer.

And what does future hold for Elias “elska” Kallio and
Joonas ” Reissumies” Siipo? Currently we have no answer to give. Both will remain under contract for the remaining months and we will discuss about the future with them after the holiday seasons. In the future we might to release these players to seek other opportunities elsewhere as well.

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